Bongo Bowls

Available from Lunch menu only.

Choose a Base

Mixed greens, tomato and red onions with white or yellow rice and black beans.

Choose a Style

The Desi Picadillo | topped with jalepenos – $15

The Lucy | marinated chicken –  $15

The Celia | slow roasted pork –  $15

The Hemingway | sautéed baby shrimp – $16

Choose a Sauce

Avocado Crema | Island Sauce | Chipotle Crema


Avocado | Feta Cheese | Tostones + $3 each

Add a side to your meal

Maduros – Fried, ripe, sweet plantains – $6 | White Rice$5 | Yellow Rice$7 | Moro Rice$8 | Black Beans$5 | Yuca Fries (cassava) – $7 | French Fries$7 | Sweet Potato Fries$7 | Sauces$.50 each

Our kitchen is not gluten free, dairy free, or vegan. There is a possibility of cross contamination,

If you have severe food allergies or other dietary restrictions please notify your server and we will try to accommodate your needs.